Integrative Restorative Yoga

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Integrative Restorative Yoga is a group therapy developed in 2016 by Susannah S. Cecil, MEd, LCMHCS, using Restorative Yoga (relaxing yoga poses supported by props), combined with evidenced-based behavioral health practices. This treatment model is an innovative approach to reducing depression, anxiety, stress, and to cultivate positive body image, all in support of emotional well-being. The series combines deep relaxation, breath work, and mindfulness practices with behavioral health skills (CBT, DBT, ACT, MBSR, etc.) to increase distress tolerance and improve emotion regulation. The 6-week series is designed to give clients skills that they can take off the mat and into their lives. 

Integrated Restorative Yoga
Susannah S. Cecil, MEd, LCMHCS, E-RYT
Wednesdays from 5:45-7:00 pm.  Studio will open at 5:30.

A Safe Environment

A safe environment is created and maintained by both the facilitator and its members. Primary ingredients are mutual respect, confidentiality, personal safety, & proper care of yoga props/materials. This group will involve limited physical movement (going to the floor and getting back to our feet). Understanding that, poses will be accessible to every body type and experience level. If you have special physical concerns, please be sure and discuss these with your physician prior to registration. If you require accommodations or have questions, you may address these with the facilitator prior to group to determine if restorative yoga is appropriate for you, or to plan modifications. Participants may bring their own yoga mats, but all other props will be supplied for your use during group. You will be instructed in the care of these items and they should be returned to their proper place at the end of group.


The group will meet on Wednesdays from 5:45-7:00 pm. The Group Room will open at 5:30, so participants can arrive early for prop set up.  (Early arrival is encouraged!)  In addition, each participant is encouraged to attend all sessions. The material builds from one session to the next, and absences impact the Group experience. If you must miss a session, please give at least 24-hours’ notice. Late cancel/no-show fees ($30.00) will apply if proper notice isn’t given.  Group will start and end on time, and participants are expected to honor these times, as late arrivals are disruptive to the group process.


The fee for the group is $60 per session, or if you have insurance which covers Group Psychotherapy, we will collect your copay.  Insurance is billed as a courtesy to you, but that is no guarantee of coverage.  Fees are payable at the beginning of each session in cash, check, or credit card.  Any problems or questions about your bill should be discussed with the Administrative Director/facilitator outside of the session. Insurance questions may be directed to the Administrative Director.


What is said in group stays in group.  You may choose to discuss your group experiences with others, but other group members’ experiences and names must be kept confidential. Facilitators only break confidentiality, by reporting to proper authorities, only if someone reports the following:

Danger to oneself or to others.

Abuse or neglect of a minor, disabled, or an elderly person.